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DW 14" x 6.5" Neil Peart R40 Icon Snare Drum & Case

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DW 14" x 6.5" Neil Peart R40 Icon Snare Drum & Case


Comes complete with Case and Certificate.

Only 250 made!

This is a snare drum with 1,500 Years of Character! The Timeless Timber Oak logs that form the shells for the R40 Icon snare drum were reclaimed from the bottom of Romania's Olt River and are dated to be over 1,500 years old. This Water-salvaged wood is extremely dense,which translates into a very dark, warm, and musical tone. 

The ornate inlay work comprises laser-cut exotic woods that form classic Rush album graphics and images around the shell. The VLT Oak shell is sealed in clear, high gloss lacquer complimented by gold-plated hardware.

  • Condition: 9.9/10
  • Visible marks - No
  • Rust - No
  • Pitting - No 
  • DW True Tone 20 Strand Wires
  • DW True Hoops
  • Remo / DW branded coated Head (Slightly Used), Remo / DW Branded Ambassador Clear reso (As new)