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Posted on 10-12-2022
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Zildjian KP100 Cymbal Pack

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Zildjian K Cymbal Pack

Consisting of a set of hi-hats, 2 crash cymbals, a ride cymbal and a padded cymbal bag, this Zildjian K cymbal pack contains everything you need to instantly upgrade or change your whole cymbal sound.

Zildjian K Cymbals offer a deep, warm, very expressive sound. Created using a mixture of elaborate hammering and lathing techniques, Zildjian K’s have an extremely versatile tone.

Offering a stunningly dark sound, the Zildjian K range is well suited to a wide range of genres. From rock and pop to jazz and funk Zildjian Ks deliver a versatile sound to match any musical setting.

Zildjian KP100 K Cymbal Box Set Configuration:

  • K0923 15” K Light Hi-Hat Cymbals
  • K0903 17” K Dark Crash Cymbal
  • K0905 19” K Dark Crash Cymbal
  • K0832 22” K Light Ride Cymbal
  • TGIG 22” Cymbal Bag

15” Zildjian K Light Hi-Hats

Offering more volume and extra wash than the standard 14” model, these 15” K Light Hi-Hats provide a beautifully dark tone.

With a clear, well defined stick response to show off the most intricate of sticking patterns, these hi-hats also deliver a sloshy open feel and a low-pitched chick sound.

Consisting of a medium thin top and medium bottom, this pair of 15” hi-hats have a responsive feel and a beautiful buttery, soft sound ideal for a wide range of musical styles.

From rock to jazz, these versatile hi-hats deliver no matter what you demand from them.

17” and 19” Zildjian K Thin Dark Crashes

Selected because of how well they complement each other, the 17” and 19” Zildjian K Thin Dark Crashes offer a luscious dark, warm, low-pitched sound ideal for instant accenting musical bursts.

Both K crash cymbals have a thin weight allowing them to open up quickly with a fast attacking sound that’s perfect for responsive accenting tone.

These Zildjian K Crashes also have a short sustain and fast decay to ensure a neat flash of sound that never out stays its welcome.

Great for embellishing your kit sound and adding fast accents to your music, the Zildjian K Thin Dark crashes offer a full bodied, complex tone that is extremely musical.

It’s easy to hear why these cymbals are some of the most popular in the Zildjian K range.

22” Zildjian K Light Ride Cymbal

Positioned at the darker end of the Zildjian ride cymbal range, the Zildjian 22” K Light Ride sits neatly in the middle between short and long sustain options.

Delivering a smoky sound, this thin weighted light ride has an excellent stick definition offering superb clarity to its sound.

Add to that the low-pitched buttery sustain, the light shimmering bell tone and the full, washy low-pitched slightly trashy crash sound, and you’ll hear that this is a ride cymbal with a variety of tones at its disposal.

This 22” option offers a more controlled sound than that of the 24” model, and the wide range of tone it offers make it ideal for a variety of musical situations.

Zildjian 22” Cymbal Bag

As if an array of deliciously beautiful cymbals wasn’t enough, Zildjian have even included a cymbal bag to keep them all in.

Featuring a highly durable design, this black cymbal bag has 3 separate compartments in which to store your cymbals and essential drum accessories.

The main padded compartment can house up to 3 cymbals of a maximum 22” diameter, while the external front pocket can store cymbals up to 15” making it ideal for storing the hi-hats of this set.

There’s also a smaller front zipper pocket ideal for storing smaller tools, like drum keys, ear plugs, aux cables, drum dampeners or tuners to ensure you always have the things you need at hand.

The cymbal case also provides a couple of carrying options. Fitted with padded shoulder straps for hands free carrying, the cymbal bag also has an ergonomic top carry handle for comfortable cymbal transportation.


This Zildjian K Cymbal Set offers a cost-effective convenient way to upgrade your cymbal sound with ease.

Consisting of a range of stunningly warm, dark, low-pitched cymbals, from the buttery soft 15” hi-hats to the perfectly matched 17” and 19” crashes to the luscious beauty of the versatile 22” ride, this cymbal set up is a superb option for the serious drummer.

Add to that the padded Zildjian cymbal bag and you have a truly well-rounded cymbal set up that’s ready to cover all genres from the stage to the studio.

Zildjian K Cymbal Box Set Key Features:

  • Convenient Money Saving Pack
  • Versatile Dark, Warm Tone
  • Ideal for a Wide Range of Musical Styles
  • Traditional Finish
  • Mixture of Hand Hammering and Lathing
  • Thin Weights
  • Free Cymbal Bag Included for Safe Storage and Easy Transportation
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