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Yamaha Live Custom Drum Kit Black Shadow Sunburst

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Yamaha Live Custom Drum Kit Black Shadow Sunburst


10" x 7"
12" x 8"
14" x 13"
20" x 16"

Includes double tom holder & floor tom legs.

Please note, this is a shell pack only. Stands, Snare drum & cymbals are not included. Any additional items can be arranged by contacting the store.

This pre owned set of Yamaha Live Custom drums are in excellent condition with virtually no marks or signs of use at all. Fitted with brand new Evans G2 Clear batter heads & Evans G1 Clear resonant heads. The bass drum features the factory Yamaha (by Remo) heads. Please note, one bass drum spur is missing the rubber foot. This doesn't affect the function of the drum at all, however we have some on the way from Yamaha. 

The development of the Live Custom Drums by Yamaha was done in collaboration with a number of sound engineers as well as endorsers. The result is a drum set which are tailored for performances on stage at live concerts - a dream come true for every sound engineer.  

The shells of the Live Custom Series are 10% thicker than the shells of the Oak Series, giving the Live Custom Drumsets additional power. With help from Yamaha's patented Air Sear System, the shells are perfectly round and tonally balanced delivering the perfect characteristics for Live situations. With relatively thick walls, the shells of the Toms as well as the Snare drum consist of 6 Oak layers and the Bass drum is made up of 8. A 45° bearing edge provides the optimal contact surface for the included Remo heads, while the 2.3mm Dyna Hoops with the sleek Absolute lugs make the tuning of the LiveCustom drums especially easy, efficient and reliable.  
The rest of the hardware with a dark black-silver finish rounds off the cool look, and underlines the high quality standard of the Live Custom Drums from Yamaha. User friendly and practical features such as the Floor Tom leg brackets with the wing-bolts are on par with the ingenious Y.E.S.S. Tom mounts giving the TomToms the highest standard of reverberation behaviour as well as simple positioning.

The main features of the Yamaha Live Custom Shell Set Studio, Amber Shadow Sunburst include:

  • Material: Oak, 6-ply, 7.2mm Toms; 8-ply, 9.6mm Bass Drum 
  • BassDrum with bore for Tom mount 
  • Batter Head: Remo Emperor Clear 
  • Resonating head: Remo Ambassador Clear 
  • Hoops: 2.3 mm Dyna 
  • Y.E.S.S. Tom mount system 
  • Absolute Lugs 
  • Open Floor Tom bracket with wing bolts 
  • Dark Silver shell hardware 
  • Finish: Amber Shadow Sunburst #AWS