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Pearl Crystal Beat Drum Kit, Tangerine Glass

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Pearl Crystal Beat Drum Kit, Tangerine Glass


10" x 7"
12" x 8"
16" x 15"
22" x 16"

Includes tom arm & floor tom legs.

Please note, this is a shell pack only. Cymbals & stands are not included with this kit.

This Crystal Beat is in very good condition, please note the 12" rack tom is slightly lighter in colour to the rest of the shells. Fitted with used Evans EC2 clear tom drum heads and a used Remo Powerstroke 3 clear bass drum head.

Moulded Acrylic Shells

With 6mm Acrylic tom shells and a 7mm Acrylic bass drum shell the Crystal Beat Shell Pack provides improved body, attack and tone. The unique seamless moulded construction allows the Crystal Beat shells to be extremely durable and look stunning with the unique Tangerine Glass finish. Additionally the dual 45 degree bearing edge with rounded apex adds control and precision and impressive articulation allowing versatility and tone not achievable with traditional wooden shells.

OptiMount Suspension System

The innovative OptiMount Suspension System featured on the rack tom removes unnecessary shell pressure to increase sustain and resonance. Furthermore the 1.6mm triple flanged hoops reduce the contact area whilst retaining a strong attachment to improve tone and increase sustain.