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Gretsch Drums Day featuring Neal Wilkinson



On Saturday 16th June we were incredibly proud to be able to celebrate that great Gretsch sound at the store with a very special guest - the absolutely incredible Mr. Neal Wilkinson!

The day kicked off with a cup of tea and a tour of the store for Neal - his first time at GRD. The team had set up a whole array of beautiful Gretsch outfits for Neal to play and he treated us to some wonderful grooves & simply stunning solo's; It's no wonder he's the UK's go-to session extraordinaire. The depth of musicality & taste in Neal's playing is jaw dropping and hugely inspiring.

The atmosphere in the store had a feeling of excitement and a sense of importance that something special was happening today. People in attendance were thrilled to be able to spend time with Neal and ask him questions about his career and also gain advice on their approach to drumming & practicing.

Neal is the perfect ambassador for Grestch and made the drums sing, of course. It was so great to hear the differences & nuances between USA Custom, Broadkaster & Brooklyn as well some of the Vintage Gretsch kits we had.

After more tea and a quick bite to eat, the day continued with even more special surprises! First of all, the great Mr. Spike Wells made an appearance after not seeing Neal for perhaps 25 years, since he was playing with the Morissey-Mullen band. After a lovely catch-up, the pair took to the riser and traded some 8 bar solos on the Grestch Drums which was spectacular & a real treat!

And then, a further surprise.. Who should walk through the doors of GRD but none other than the amazing Mr. Harold Fisher! Again, Neal & Harold hadn't seen each other for many years and once again everyone in attendance was treated to an amazing duet between the pair! Stunning!

This was a very special day indeed, the great sound of Grestch Drums filled the air all day long! It was a day which highlighted the comaraderie between drummers and the sense of community which is so necessary in the drum world.

Wonderful drums, wonderful drumming, along with wonderful hospitality courtesy of the GRD team. What more could you ask for on a Saturday?!

It was an absolute honour & pleasure to have Neal with us for the day- a true gentlemen and one of the finest drummers on the planet! We hope to be able to do it all again soon :)

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